Our Inner Schemas

We all have narratives which help and harm the way we live. These schemas define our personalities and sometimes get in the way of living life. Learn more about these manipulative and maladaptive themes.

What A Therapist Might Tell You About Redesigning Yourself and Choosing Your Life

Lets start with this: Who are you, really?

If you can’t answer this question immediately and confidently, please read on.

The depths to which we understand our authentic selves intricately affects every part of our lives.

And if we are able to obtain a deeper understanding of who we are, we not only will be able to craft more meaningful connections with ourselves and others, but we also tap into opportunities and insights which help build sex-positive relationships that are more unique, authentic, and real.

Digital Vulnerability

In this digital age businesses must grow and compete to survive, yet also find methods of staying connected with their audiences in vulnerable and authentic ways. Most often as these businesses grow larger and mature, they lose much of what originally made them appealing and wholesome.

So is it really possible to be digitally vulnerable with your customers as your business grows larger?

How To Give A Fuck About Yourself.

Lets begin with the age-old question, who are you?

Several years ago, answering this seemingly simple question appeared harder than all of my other issues combined: Addiction, depression, suicide, learning disabilities, seizures, family drama.. life was hard.

And while my life was falling apart. Deep down my greatest fear was not death, it was never knowing myself. I was slowly realizing that I was going to fucking die, never knowing who I was!

So I ask you this humble question, one struggling human to another, do you know who you are?

The Equation of Young Love

Hi there! So glad you enjoyed Freddie Mercury gloriously riding on the shoulders of Darth Vader!

This month I am going to tell you the story of Erika and Josh. And how the misfortunes of young-love can be broken down into a scientific formula.